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Funding for proof of concept study of a new biologic therapeutic for glaucoma

NEW YORK, November 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO) congratulates our collaborative research partner and licensor, Mannin Research Inc., on receiving R&D funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to initiate work on a Tie2-activating biologic for the treatment of glaucoma. Q BioMed has licensed the Mannin Tie2 technology, and is collaboratively developing the Tie2 platform for glaucoma, and other indications. This new biologic would be an additional product to the Mannin Tie2 pipeline.

Mannin’s new biologic therapeutic was developed by Mannin’s CSO, Dr. Susan Quaggin and her laboratory. The biologic has the potential to treat several additional, vascular related diseases, such as acute kidney injury, and cardiorenal syndrome. “As our understanding about the Angiopoietin-Tie2 system grows, I am very excited about the clinical therapeutic possibilities,” said Dr. Quaggin.

In the project, Mannin research will conduct a proof-of-concept study to determine the efficacy of its novel, specific, and potent biologic therapeutic. The research is supported by the NRC IRAP and will assist in Mannin developing additional research capacity within Mannin.

The impact of novel therapeutics developed by Mannin has direct benefits to Canadian glaucoma patients and those suffering with glaucoma around the world. There is an acute need for better therapeutic solutions for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from glaucoma and those yet to be diagnosed. The number of potential patients in this therapeutic area demanding better treatments make this a multi-billion-dollar opportunity.

It is anticipated, success in the biologic proof-of-concept project will enable Mannin to add to its R&D pipeline. Development of the MAN-01 small molecule for the treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma continues on-pace and is now at a point where the most active candidates will be selected for final testing and optimization as a soluble, topical eye drop that permeates well into the eye. It is anticipated that pre-clinical IND enabling studies will begin in Q2 2018.

About Mannin Inc.  

Mannin Research Inc is utilizing a proprietary research platform, this technology is addressing the need for a new class of drugs to treat various vascular diseases. Our lead indication is for a First-In-Class therapeutic eye drop for the treatment of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma. Mannin is developing a unique molecule in the form of an easy to administer eye drop designed to repair the normal flow of fluid in the eye resulting in the reduction of intra-ocular eye pressure (IOP), one of the main causes of Glaucoma. Mannin is the only company targeting this method of action. Mannin has a deep pipeline of novel therapeutics that can be developed from this research platform, which would treat a spectrum of vascular diseases including Cystic Kidney Disease, Pediatric Glaucoma, Cardiovascular Disease and Inflammation.

About Q BioMed Inc.  

Q BioMed Inc. “Q” is a biomedical acceleration and development company. We are focused on licensing and acquiring undervalued biomedical assets in the healthcare sector. Q is dedicated to providing these target assets; strategic resources, developmental support, and expansion capital to ensure they meet their developmental potential, enabling them to provide products to patients in need.

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